Phases of Small Church Community Formation

Phase 1 Programs (for adding new people to your SCC/ for starting a new group)

* RECOMMENDED: Come As You Are, A Small Group Program about Everyday Living. This is a 12-session program with a participant book for each member of the group, a facilitator*s book and audio tapes. It is meant for a group that is beginning or a group of people who may be experienced in small groups but have never been together with each other. Available also in Spanish. Participant*s journal $9, Facilitator*s book $18, CD $12; 10 percent shipping and handling. The National Alliance of Parishes Restructuring Into Communities.  Available through NAPRC  click here

Other starter programs:  *Renew 2000  *Free to Be Me   *Serendipity Series  *Genesis 2

Phase 2 Program (to deepen the sharing level of the group/to learn how to pray together through varied prayer experiences)

* RECOMMENDED:   Pray As You Are , An eleven session process to help deepen the sharing level of the small group while learning how to pray together through varied prayer experiences.  A breakdown of the weeks are…  
1. Opening Windows to God - Unlocking windows to prayer;  2. The Looking Glass - Finding God in the everyday;  3. Not-So-Sound-Proof Windows - Praying amidst the noise  4. Breaking Open the Window - Praying with our barriers;  5. A Window to Perspective - Grateful prayer;  6. Broken Windows - Praying within incompleteness;  7. Tinted Windows - Praying with images of God/self;  8. Imagining Windows - Praying with our imaginations;  9 The Word Is A Window -Praying with the Scriptures;  10. Focusing - Centering prayer;  11. Keeping Our Windows Open - What next?
Participant’s journal $9, Facilitators book $18, CD $12; 10 percent shipping and handling. The National Alliance of Parishes Restructuring Into Communities.

Phase 3 Becoming an SCC for the Long Haul

1. Use the small book “Creating Small Church Communities” during the shared prayer portion of the formatted meeting for the first six meetings.

2. Come to a consensus with your members that you choose to move on together and grow into a small church community.

3. * RECOMMENDED:  Faith Sharing for Small Church Communities,  Questions & Commentaries on the Sunday Readings. Edited by Rev. Arthur Baranowski & National Alliance for Parishes Restructuring into Communities (presently unavailable as it is being updated)
For each Sunday and major feast for all three cycles of the Lectionary, a “Scripture Focus” provides a brief commentary on the readings; “Life Focus” gives questions–submitted by small church communities from all over the United States and the world–to spark faith sharing. 

Use Quest as an added resource for your meetings. At the beginning you may wish to plan the meeting with Quest since it contains almost all the portions you will need. As you become more confident in your PF abilities it is recommended that you put together pieces from varied sources taking into account the personality of your SCC, the themes used in your parish for the liturgical season, and world events.

4. Service/Mission is a part of SCCs that is addressed in Phase 3. It is discussed in Creating Small Church Communities on Pg. 77. Once your SCC has solidly formed, address mission further. In the beginning, forming your group into a small church community is your mission. A SCC must be careful to stay true to the meeting plan and not become task orientated.

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