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Breathing new life into the Church

NAPRC is an organization offering training, support, resources, networking, an annual national conference, and a model to parishes, like yours, attempting to integrate into their everyday life a vision of parish that sees itself as a community of communities.

Our vision calls for the transformation of parish life by way of two primary goals –
1) Doing the things we do differently
2) Forming small church communities
within the parish.

We provide:
- A one-day introduction to the model
- A three-day training workshop for leaders and Core Teams
- A one-day follow–up workshop
- An annual national conference
- Numerous resources for creating SCC’s, and for restructuring the parish
Along with NAFSCC (the North American Forum for Small Church Communities), SCCC (Small Christian Community Connection), MACC (the Mex.-Amer. Cultural Center), and others, we seek to deepen, strengthen and breathe new life into the Church.


- 10% discount on materials along with no shipping costs
- 10% discount on any Conference Fees
- Periodic update of materials and information through emails, etc.

In faith, we are all called individually, but we are also called to community. Whether towards a more conscious formation of the basic parish structure into a community of communities, or the formation of Small Church Communities (SCC) within the parish structure, community is a natural outgrowth of faith development in our Catholic Christian heritage. It is a grace-filled, empowering, and nurturing support for all.

While specifics of the formation of any group (be it an SCC, or the parish itself) often vary, as they are framed in each local experience and needs, the basic need to form community calls us to gather together, to share our story, to connect to the larger church story, and to go out to all the world.

The formation of community involves a three-phase process. In the first phase a group bonds and begins to experience its identity as a community united by God. The second phase seeks to bond the group into a community rooted in prayer. The third phase seeks to bring the group to experience what it is to be Church – to learn to live this out together in the context of the larger Church. Indeed, a small group becomes a true small church community when it fulfills the four basic elements of being church: koinonia (support and sharing), kerygma (connecting our story with the Great Story of Jesus), diakonia (service) and leiturgia (prayer).

* We need your financial support.
$30 for single membership to the Alliance
$50 for a Small Church Community
and $100 for a Parish

* We need your time and talents. We need you to provide articles for the newsletter, to help plan regional and     national gatherings, to assist at workshops, to make presentations, and to promote our vision of restructuring.

* We need your prayers! OFTEN!

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