Established in 1989, NAPRC is dedicated to helping Parishes become all God intends them to be; communities centered and formed at the Eucharist to be sent into the world as missionary disciples. The NAPRC board has taken a significant amount of time for re-visioning. Having been engaged in a National process of consultation and building on the past successes of the National Alliance of Parishes Restructuring into Communities we are excited to have come to clarity of vision and focus for a new generation.

NAPRC  offers training, support, resources, and networking, to parishes looking to restructure in a clear and deliberate way to stay focused on what the Church has always held to be the “source and summit” of every parish. The Eucharist is the true and essential means of forming the parish.  In and through our extensive experience in the structure we propose, NAPRC testifies to the revitalization of Parish and hope for tired Pastors and Parish Pastoral Leaders.

For more information or to schedule a Training Workshop in your area call 1(800)-214-9909

“The NAPRC plan is a basic, fundamental vision. I think you are right on. I would love to see it catch fire, for, Lord knows, we need a new(old) approach for a troubled church.” 
Fr. William Bausch